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Peaktech UK are able to procure and supply a very wide range of used laboratory equipment, individually tailored to meet your needs.

As the majority of stock consists of recycled products, the prices we ask represent fractions of their original costs. This approach not only helps with limited budgets but addresses environmental issues in a meaningful way.

If you have specific requirements for an individual item or for a range of equipment, simply get in touch.

We are dedicated to offering our customers the very best, value-for-money, no-quibble deals on the market


  •   Analytical - GCs , GCMs , HPLCs , ICPs
  •   Centrifuges - Medium to large , Floor standing , Ultra
  •   Microscopes - Fluorescence , Chemical , Biological , Stereo
  •   Mills & Grinders - Ball mills , Jaw crushers , Knife mills , Lab grinders
  •   Ovens - Lab ovens , Incubators , Vacuum ovens , CO2 incubators , Furnaces
  •   Larger lab kit - Stability cabinets , Safety cabinets , Fume cupboards , Tensile testers
  •   Miscellaneous - Viscometers , Rotovapors , Large vacuum pumps , Compressors
  •   Balances - Analytical , Precision , Top pan
  •   Centrifuges - Small benchtop , Mini , Micro
  •   Furniture - Benching , Chairs , Cupboards
  •   Glassware - Flasks , Funnels , Jacketed vessels
  •   Heating/Cooling - Heating mantles , Hot plates , Block heaters , Fridges , Freezers
  •   Meters - Conductivity , DO , Flow , Ph
  •   Mixing/shaking - Magnetic stirrers , Orbital shakers , Vortexers
  •   Pipetting - Single adjustable volume , Multi channel
  •   Portable test kit - Anemometers , Gas analysers , Radiation detectors
  •   Miscellaneous - Circulators , Electrophoresis , Water baths

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Peaktech UK offers a safe and efficient site clearing service; carried out in a speedy and professional manner, thus enabling customers to dispose of surplus equipment as quickly as possible and with the minimum of fuss.

Our approach means that the financial rewards are plain to see. We can work to clearance/removal timetables set by the vendor and selling equipment of any quantity becomes an easier task for everyone.

Simply tell us what equipment you have to sell - We give you a price, if you accept the price, we pay and collect

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